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Review: Brie Submits to her Master

on April 27, 2013

Title: Brie Submits to her Master
Author: Red Phoenix
Rating: fourstars


Whew! I literally read this book all in one sitting because once I started I just could not stop! (I think I may need to check myself into a Red Phoenix addicts rehab center. Just sayin…)

This next installment of the Brie series continues us down the path of Brie and her Master, Sir. She learns all the ups and downs of being a submissive, including the punishment for disobedience. Ouch!

One of the great things about the Brie books that continue on where the Training Academy series left off is that not only do we get to see more of Brie’s characters, but we get to learn more about her fascinating Master. He was so mysterious in the previous books! But luckily I am getting to see sides of him now that I never new existed! Awesome stuff, indeed! 🙂

Again, I would recommend this book to anyone who love the Dominant/submissive scene or just enjoys really well written erotica. But I would really recommend reading the previous series first.


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