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Review: Brie’s Russian Fantasy

on May 2, 2013

Title: Brie’s Russian Fantasy
Author: Red Phoenix
Rating: fourstars

Bries Russian Fantasy cover

In this latest wonderful installment of the Brie series, we find her and Sir taking a trip across the sea to visit everyone’s favorite Dom, Rystar! Brie explores all the fun Russia has to offer with her Master by her side. But the reasoning behind their sudden trip is not entirely a happy one. And before they leave they must complete a task that Brie dreads…introducing Sir to her parents! *cue ominous music*

I really don’t have anything negative to say about this amazingly fun and sexy book! As always, Brie was her usual fiery yet submissive self and Sir was just….Sir. *laughs* But this story is not just all about the hot sex. No siree! There is, as I have come to expect from Red Phoenix’s work, a great storyline behind it as well. For instance, there is still a jealous Faelan to deal with, since he continues to remain devastated over Brie’s choice of a Master. And even MORE nerve wracking is the fact that Brie now has to introduce Sir to her parents! This was, for me, the most interesting part of the book, because I have to admit that I have been wondering where the hell her family has been for the entire duration of the series up until now! But we get to share in the icky awkwardness of your parents disapproval of the love interest. *rolls eyes* I know we’ve all been there before! 😉 I also really enjoyed getting to see Rystar again and learning more about him! I’ll admit I’ve had a crush on him for awhile. 😛

What I love most about erotica books such as this one is that it really challenges you to come to terms with your own sexual expectations and desires. You can be free to think, ‘Ew I would never do that!’ or ‘Hell yeah, bring that on!’ all in the safety of your own reading experience. There are TONS of things I’ve come to realize are sexy which I may never have understood until exploring books like this!

I would definitely recommend this series if you enjoy well written erotica! Red Phoenix’s work is not to be missed! 🙂


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