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Review: The River of No Return

on May 13, 2013

Title: The River of No Return
Author: Bee Ridgeway

river no return

“We are cowards, really, we time travelers. We cheat death over and over. Jumping away from one story into another. Always pursuing the hope of another day.”

Lord Nicholas Falcott is fully expecting to die when he sees the man with a bayonet bearing down upon him in the middle of battle in 1812. What he does not expect however, is to wake up in the year 2003 in the safekeeping of the Guild, who informs him that he has time jumped into the future and must make a new life for himself, forgetting the past. But Nick has no intentions of forgetting the past, as recollections of a strong-willed, brown-eyes young woman keeps haunting his thoughts. His body is here in 2003. But his heart was left in the past. And despite all appearances, there is something a bit untrustworthy about the Guild. So when he is asked by them to return to the past to help them on a mission, he is eager to get to the bottom of their secrets…and to see that girl from so long ago. But Julia is facing dangers of her own. And the very future of all the world is in perilous danger.

This is another debut book from a new author that completely took me by surprise with its freshness and ingenuity. Although I love books about time travel, I am not usually a huge fan of historical stories, so it was a nice case of serendipity that made me pick up this novel in the first place. There were tons of positive ads about it here on goodreads, and the simply beautiful cover (with a tree outlined in dark blue and turquoise) and intriguing dust jacket sealed the deal for me and I ended up coming home with it. I must say that I am immensely glad that I did! This book is a real treat; it’s an absolute thrilling ride of mystery, intrigue, romance, danger, and of course, time travel. And even though much of the book takes place in 1815, the period details were interesting and didn’t bog down the writing and the story at all. The writing was flawless! The characters felt very real to me, and their diaglogue (particularly between Nick and Julia) was simply titillating and just downright fun! And the science behind the time travel made sense and wasn’t confusing (as some time travel books can be).

All in all, this was a fantastic book that I really enjoyed, and I would recommend it to anyone! If you do purchase it, I would recommend buying it in hardcover, because like I said, the book itself is a visual delight.


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