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Review: Fuel to the Fire

on June 4, 2013

Title: Fuel to the Fire
Author: David Staniforth
Rating: fivestars


Another buddy read with the amazingly awesome Lily the Novel Nerd! Her review can be found here: http://lilythenovelnerd.wordpress.com

I received this book in return for my honest review. Thanks David! 🙂

This book has a premise that dances on the edge of, well, disturbing. In the world in which Davran, the main character lives in, girls are sold into sexual slavery when they reach puberty. If this wasn’t bad enough, they are ruled by a cruel, sadistic ruler named Saurian. Thus far, Davran has escaped that fate by disguising herself as a boy. But when she finds herself transported into a world that is entirely different from her own, she finds that she must rely on her own skills as a person to not only survive…but thrive.

David Staniforth completely won me over with his novel, Alloria. I fell in love with his lush, descriptive writing style and the way he uses description to pull the reader in and push the story forward, rather than drag it down into a level of boring tediousness. So I was not surprised in the least to fall n love with this book as well! Once again, David has spun a golden fantasy tale full of adventure, danger, feisty heroines and dragons! Did I mention dragons? 😉 The writing itself was seamless and flowed nicely. The pacing was perfect and didn’t trip me up at all, the only thing I would have liked would be for it to have been longer. I didn’t want the story to end!

Although the storyline is a bit brutal, I never felt like I was being overwhelmed with violence or aggression. Yes, there are some disturbing scenes, but they are done tastefully, with just enough description to make you feel abhorrence for Saurian’s cruelty yet not be drowned in it. It really put things in perspective, because unless there is great danger for the protagonist, you really don’t feel that sense of overwhelming fear that everything will turn out okay in the end, which was definitely the case in this book! For me, if I’m on the edge of my seat ready to stop breathing because I’m so worried about the character…well, that to me signifies that I’m reading a good book!

And speaking of the characters…I adored them I think Davran was my favorite, because she was just so headstrong and brave yet had a pure sense of innocence about her that made her truly a delight to read. She didn’t feel flat like many of the protagonists tend to be in this type of genre. She was strong and definitely someone to look up to, in my opinion.

I would absolutely without a doubt recommend this book to anyone who loves really well written fantasy books. Although it’s technically a young adult book, I feel that it branches out with its content and would be a pleasure to read by someone of any age who enjoys fantasy!


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