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Review: Star Trek: Enterprise

on June 29, 2013

Title: Enterprise: The First Adventure
Author: Vonda N. Mcintyre
Rating: fourstars


“I believed,” Spock said, “when I first observed you, that I could not work with you. You are emotional, headstrong, and stubborn. But I have come to understand that these differences between us should be valued, not despised. I realized that working with you would be a valuable, if difficult, experience.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” Kirk said dryly.

This book details the first assignment of the USS Enterprise after Captain James Kirk takes over the ship and crew from Christopher Pike. Many of the characters from the original series that we know and love are there; Uhura, Scotty, Bones, Rand, Sulu, and of course Kirk and Spock. The story follows the crew as they transport a crew of vaudeville entertainers but the strength of this book, in my opinion, isn’t that story but rather the way in which the crew all gets used to Kirk being their Captain. One of the strongest aspects of the original series of Star Trek is the amazing bond and sense of comraderie that exists between the crew. It was really interesting to see how that came to be, especially since most of the crew is very apprehensive and oftentimes resentful of Kirk taking over the ship.

All in all, this was a great book to read, espescially if you are a fan of Star Trek.


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