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Review: The Mermaid Garden

on July 1, 2013

Title: The Mermaid Garden
Author: Santa Monterfiore
Rating: fivestars


“I have to be near the sea. It has always been the most consistent thing in my life.”

“Love is like a bright light that burns away all negativity; like sunshine on mist. Happy people are full of love, and unhappy people have very little, perhaps none at all. That’s all there is to the world-those who love and those who don’t. It’s really very simple.”

In Italy in the late 1960’s, young Floriana is captivated by the beautiful villa that overlooks the Ocean. When she meets Dante, the son of the owner, he invites her inside to see the gorgeous Mermaid Garden, and nothing for her is ever the same again. Years later, in England, the owner of a failing coastal hotel, Marina, is desperately searching for a way to save the place that means so much to her. When a young artist named Raff comes to stay at the hotel, she finds that their paths are meant to intertwine in more ways than one

This was a lovely little book. I really enjoyed it, quite honestly more than I expected to. I picked it up at the beginning of the month because I sometimes think its a good idea to stray away from my usual path of fantasy/scifi/young adult reads and try something different. This is a contemporary romance, which is a type of book I usually stay away from. But despite that, I really loved this story. So if it was enough to make me break all my genre barriers you KNOW that it was a good story. 🙂 What I liked best of this book was the absolutely breathtaking descriptions of the various places, namely Tuscany and the Devon Coast. The words almost melt off the pages with vibrancy and beauty. I could almost taste the food they ate, smelled the air they breathed, lived the lives they lived. The writing is spectacular. I found the characters very intriguing as well. They were not flat or two-dimensional at all. They were all so interesting and had such great failings and triumphs that you couldn’t help but root for them and hope that they could all find happiness. And the transformations they all went through were spectacular to behold.

I would recommend this book to anyone, even if they don’t care much for this particular genre. I would say that it is a perfect summer read.


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