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Review: Vanilla on Top

on July 6, 2013

Title: Vanilla on Top
Author: C. J. Ellisson
Rating: threestars


Despite being a strong business woman Heather Pierce is a shy girl through and through. But all that changes when she decides to give into her hidden dominant side during a speed dating event. She meets the stunningly gorgeous Tony Carmine and the sparks fly. But can she reconcile this new side of herself with the shy person she has always been?

*sighs* I have mixed feelings about this one. Don’t get me wrong, the characters were interesting and the storyline was great and the writing was really good as well. I think the fault lies with me. I am used to seeing the guy in the dominant role and the girl in the submissive role. That’s not me being sexist, that’s just what personally turns me on. So seeing Tony being told what to do by Heather was a little bit of a boner killer, so to speak! 😛 If you’re into that type of thing than I think you would definitely enjoy this book. But for me, personally, I would rather be tied up than do the tying up. 😉 So this just wasn’t my thing. But other than that it was an enjoyable read.


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