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Review: Star Trek: The Folded World

on July 17, 2013

Title: The Folded World
Author: Jeff Mariotte
Rating: fourstars


“Would it have been better to admit his fears to the doctor? Should he take advantage of the momentary calm to tell McCoy goodbye and that he never served with a better officer and a better friend? Should he go back up and say the same to Spock?”

While on a diplomatic mission, the Enterprise receives a distress call from the USS McRaven. But what they find when they track the ship down is a cluster of ships all caught within a strange dimensional fold, where nothing is as it seems. When Kirk leads a landing party into the fold it becomes hard to distinguish who is friend or foe, and what is real and imagined.

This was a fantastic story set in the original series of the Star Trek universe. There isn’t any real background knowledge about the Trek universe that you need to enjoy this book, although a good basic understanding would make it more pleasant. It’s a standalone novel, so its good to read if you don’t feel like getting caught up in a saga or a trilogy or whatnot. This was a great story, with lots of action and great character interaction. I would recommend it to any Trek fan.


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