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Review: The Mourning Hours

on August 6, 2013

Title: The Mourning Hours
Author: Paula Treick DeBoard
Rating: threestars

Mourning Hours

Kirsten Hammarstrom’s life and family were torn apart one snowy night when she was nine years old and her seventeen year old brother’s girlfriend goes missing. When she doesn’t turn up, the small rural Wisconsin town rears up and crucifies Kirsten and the rest of her family in a stormy whirlwind of accusation. Years later, when the family gets together again they find that some ghosts never really leave, and some mysteries never really die. Whatever did happen to Stacy Lemke that night?

*sighs* I really wanted to rate this book a lot higher, at least four stars. Because it really started out great. the characters were surprisingly well developed. The story was intriguing, thoughtful, and mysterious. I, as the reader, kept guessing what happened to Stacy along with the rest of the Hammarstrom family. Did Johnny kill her, like everyone in town thinks? Did she just get lost in the snowstorm and die from the temperature? Or…was it something else? The premise was fascinating, and I sympathized with the Hammarstrom family as their small town persecuted them for something that may or may not have happened.

The ending just…ruined it for me. Not that it was bad, just…rushed. After spending all that time setting up that thrilling story, it was solved so abruptly that I had to go back and reread the last ten pages or so because it happened so fast. I felt a little let down and really wished the author had spent more time setting up the ending at a little bit of a better pace.


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