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Review: Witch Wraith

on August 6, 2013

Title: Witch Wraith
Author: Terry Brooks
Rating: fivestars


In this third book in the Dark Legacy of Shannara series, Aphen races to rescue her sister Arling, Arling races to save the Ellcrys tree, Railing races to track down what’s left of Grianne, and the rest of the characters race to keep the demon darkness behind the Forbidding at bay.

Oh Terry Brooks, even after so so so many books in the Shannara series, I have still not been let down by you, good sir. Can I tell you guys how much I love these books! One of my favorite things about Terry Brooks is that he pumps out a few books a year (hear that, George R.R. Martin?!) and they never lack in quality and substance. The writing is fabulous, the character development is top notch, the storyline is riveting, and the journey the characters go on is, as always, epic and grand and also…fun.

Yes, this is a FUN fantasy series. Sure, it has it’s darker moments, but overall what you leave with when you’re done it a rising sense of happiness and joy. If you love the fantasy genre, this series will tickle your fancy and make you smile. So many memorable characters, so many fantastic journeys to undertake. And despite countless books in the series, I am still always left guessing what will happen until the last page.

A great read! Although I would recommend reading the rest of the Shannara series before picking this one up or you will be very confused! 😛


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