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Review: The Lone Drow

on August 31, 2013

Title: The Lone Drow
Author: R.A. Salvatore
Rating: fourstars


“I did everything right. Every step of my journey out of Menzoberranzan was guided by my inner map of right anf wrong, of community and selflessness. Even on those occasions when I failed, as everyone must, my missteps were of judgment or simple frailty and were not in disregard to my conscience. For in there, I know, reside the higher principles and tenets that move us all closer to our chosen gods, closer to our definitions, hopes, and understandings of paradise. But now…now I know only the pain of memory and the pleasure of the hunt. I will take that pleasure, to the end.”

Poor Drizzt! In this second book of R.A. Salvatore’s Hunter’s Blades trilogy, Drizzit finds himself alone in the wilderness believing that Bruenor, Wulfgar, Regis, and Catti-brie, his most beloved companions, are dead. So he has reverted back into the killing machine he refers to as the hunter, and hunts down bands of orcs and trolls and slaughters them endlessly. Meanwhile, the companions of the hall are NOT dead, they are in fact holed up deep within Mithral Hall along with hundreds of dwarves from Mirabar fighting off the orc armies who are trying to annihilate them all once and for all.

This book is amazing! But then, I might be biased as I am a huge fan of this series. 😉 The thing I love most about these books is the wonderful balance between serious character development and the rip roaring action sequences. R. A. Salvatore has a perfect knack for drawing you into a story and making you feel such an emotional depth for the characters. Every time I pick up one of these books I feel like I am coming home again and meeting up with old friends. It’s such a warm feeling! And just all in all its just a fun fantasy story. I would really recommend this book to any fan of the fantasy genre.


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