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Review: McCoy, The Provenance of Shadows

on September 2, 2013

Title: McCoy: The Provenance of Shadows
Author: David R. George III
Rating: fourstars


This was the first book in David R. George’s Crucible series and takes place right after the events that occur in the Star Trek original series first season episode, The City on the Edge of Forever.

In this book, the story is split into two perspectives although both of them are Leonard McCoy. The first is just as he episode ends, with Edith Keeler dead and Spock, Kirk, and McCoy going back to their own world and time. The second perspective however, assumes that Kirk and Spock did NOT find McCoy, and he saves Edith from death and ends up staying on Earth in that time period.

I enjoyed this book for a lot of reasons. Leonard McCoy is a fascinating character and the entire book is told from his point of view, so I felt like I learned quite a bit about his character that I may not have known otherwise. Additionally, this book felt like a love letter to the original series. There are countless quotes and references from the various episodes spanning the three seasons and if you are a fan of the show you will enjoy that aspect as much as I did! Also the writing stlye is great, I really enjoyed the use of detail and description, and also the dialogue that the author used.

There were a couple of things about it however, which detracted some enjoyment out of it for me. First of all, in the beginning there was a chapter from Joanna’s (McCoy’s daughter) point of view. I was really excited because I was expecting her character to be developed more and wanted to learn more about her. Unfortunately, that never happened again aside from that one chapter which left me confused as to why it was in there in the first place. Secondly, the tone of the novel seems to shift around the middle somewhere. I don’t want to give too much away but basically the theme changes from being about how McCoy has changed the past to why he can’t keep a relationship going. I felt like the former was the more pertinent idea.

In any case, this book rocked, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves Star Trek!


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