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Review: The Obsidian Tower

on September 15, 2013

Title: The Obsidian Tower
Author: Freda Warrington
Rating: fivestars


“However dark things are, I never ever give up hope. I trust that you haven’t either.”

I feel like this quite completely sums up the theme of this book, or rather this entire trilogy. No matter how bad things get, or how many awful tragedies occur, the reader should never think of giving up hope because the characters don’t. And good always triumphs evil in the end! (Except of course if you’re reading a fantasy written by George RR Martin lol)

This third installment of the Jewelfire trilogy is just as intense as the previous two. Perhaps more so, because you know this is the end of the story. Basically in this book, the forces of good (Tanthe, Rufryd, Ysmoir, Eldareth, Queen Helan, and the rest) rally together to fight the destructive force of the Bhahdradromen that is sweeping across Aventuria. Their options and numbers are limited, but they refuse to give up and give in the evil that threatens their beautiful lands. And lets’ talk just briefly about how beautiful Aventuria is because seriously folks…I want to live there so badly. My favorite attribute of Freda Warrington’s writing is her vivid descriptions, and the way she really pulls you into the world about which she’s writing. The lush forests of Sepheret, the majestic and golden Parione, the harsh bright beauty of the Ruby Plains, these are all places that I have come to know and love through this trilogy and I am endlessly glad to have read these books!

Also the ending is quite different from what you would expect from a fantasy novel. Things didn’t turn out quite the way I expected them too!

This was a fantastic book in a fantastic trilogy written by a fantastic author. I urge any and every fantasy fan to pick up this series!


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