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Review: The Third Kingdom

on September 15, 2013

Title: The Third Kingdom
Author: Terry Goodkind
Rating: fivestars


This book takes place almost immediately where the The Omen Machine left off, with only a minimal gap that takes place between books, the details of which are filled in a little bit later. Cara, Zedd, Nicci, and Ben are missing. Richard and Kahlan are still suffering from the wounds that the hedge maid has inflicted upon them. Their powers are gone due to the poison within them. They are trapped in the Dark Lands, which is full of half men and cannibals who would rip them apart to try and eat their souls. Even worse, Richard comes to find out the heinous plans of Hannis Arc and what he intends to unleash upon D’Hara.

If you haven’t yet gotten the hint, this is a dark book. It’s filled with horrifying discoveries, heart wrenching emotion, and the plots of an evil mastermind.


As always, where Richard and Kahlan are involved, there is hope. Hope in the truth. Hope in each other. Hope that they can extinguish the evil from the land and create a peaceful nation. Despite the dark things that fill these pages this book is ultimately, like all of the books in the Sword of Truth series, a book about the soul of mankind. What we can do when we stand together for good. I found myself crying at some parts because I just love these characters and what they stand for so much I sometimes find it hard to put it into words. Richard and Kahlan are without a doubt two of the best written characters I have ever come across.

This book is a gut wrenching, heart pounding thrill ride that doesn’t stop from the first page until the very last. Where the last book was mostly exposition, this one is all action. I literally spent the entire book worried sick about everyone and hoping they all get through it alright in the end.

I love this book. I love this series. If you love well written fantasy that really makes you think and feel, you will love this book too!


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