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Review: Doon

on September 22, 2013

Title: Doon
Author: Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon
Rating: fourstars


I had never heard of this book before I picked it up at Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago. And while I usually like to do a little research about books that I have never heard of before I pick them up, I decided to just go with it in this case because let’s take a moment and be honest…I’m a total fool for a beautiful cover. *sheepish grin* And this one is a doozy! Beautiful girl on a bridge facing a gorgeous misty green landscape with a castle in the background. Hook, line, and sinker-I was sold.

And I wasn’t disappointed. This book contained the fantasy trope that excites me the very most; beautiful girl with a sucky life gets transported to a magical and wonderful world. I know that some people can get bored with that sort of thing after awhile but not me, I swear I could read stories like this every damn day. Shallow of me probably, but I can’t help it. That sort of thing is like a drug for me, I swear. Anyway, this story is a little different from most stories with this theme because instead of it being just one girl who goes to the magical world, its two; Veronica and her best friend Mackenna. They are in Scotland, visiting Mackenna’s deceased Aunt’s house when they cross a legendary bridge and end up in Doon, a land of handsome princes, evil witches, and…pizza? That’s the other thing I enjoyed about this book. In Doon, every centennial celebration, the bridge opens and people can cross back and forth between the two worlds. Because of this, things from the modern world like pizza, can show up in Doon and vice versa. It’s a really interesting concept and one I haven’t ever read before. Quite enjoyable.

That being said, the dialogue really put me off at times. While I really enjoyed Veronica’s character, I found Mackenna to be a bit annoying. Sometimes the conversations between the two of them was a little off-putting and seemed a bit forced.

But other than that I really liked this book. If you enjoy this type of story, I think you would enjoy it as well.


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