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Review: The Waking Dark

on October 4, 2013

Title: The Waking Dark
Author: Robin Wasserman
Rating: fivestars


“Maybe you couldn’t know how much weight you could bear until you snapped beneath it.”

“We’re not perfect, any of us. We fight our temptations and sometimes we win. But sometimes…not everyone is strong enough to win. Should we hate them for being weak? Of should we help them? Shouldn’t we lend them our strength, give them a chance to do better, to make up for their mistakes? People can change. And people who do bad things can do good things too.”

The Waking Dark is a brilliant, terrifying, and truly insightful novel which delves into the darkness of the human soul.

Let me just say, this is not a book for the faint hearted.

There are so many concepts that are handled in this book; drug abuse, attempted rape, homosexuality, religious zealotry, mass hysteria, government conspiracies, and etc. There were so many times that I couldn’t believe that I was reading a young adult book. Not to say that the YA genre doesn’t handle issues like these, because it does. I’ve read plenty of deep, insightful YA novels. But this book. This book is different. It is complex in the way that Stephen King or Dean Koontz is complex. I guess what I mean to say is that Robin Wasserman has such an incredible grasp of the human psyche that is just so out of this world and psychologically stimulating that it took my breath away numerous times throughout this book. The characters are absolutely amazing. They are obviously good people, but so deeply scarred and flawed and all you can do is just hope with all of your heart that they all make it out okay in the end.

And they don’t. I won’t give any spoilers away but in the vein of George R. R. Martin who is notorious for killing off characters….let’s just say that you end up worrying a hell of a lot for these characters you come to know and love.

“She was not Joan of Arc; she was not Jesus. She was not stoic, and she was neither silent nor brave. She was seventeen years old, and she was about to be set on fire, and she wanted someone to hold her and tell her it was going to be alright.”

See what I mean? This book is brilliant and absolutely twisted. In a wonderful way, of course. I picked this book up because I recently read ‘The Book of Blood and Shadows’ and loved Robin Wasserman’s writing so much that I wanted to continue on with her works. This book was equally mazing, in terms of the writing style. Loved every page of it

If you enjoy terrifying stories this one absolutely takes the cake. It scared the bejeezus out of me so many times I still think it may take me awhile to recover! *laughs* So if you enjoy books like these and like getting the crap scared out of you I would highly recommend this book!


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