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Review: Scorched

on October 10, 2013

Title: Scorched
Author: Mari Mancusi
Rating: fourstars


“I’m not just anyone, I’m your dragon. You can trust me, Fire Kissed. I’d never let you fall.”

When Trinity’s grandfather brings home what he claims is a dragon egg, she thinks its just another one of his mythological fantasies. But that was before all sorts of government factions began to break into her house and her family’s museum to try and steal it. It was before Connor and Caleb, who claim to be from the future, told her she had a great destiny to fulfill. And it was before she started hearing a small, faint voice call to her…from inside the egg.

This book was nothing sort of awesome! I am a natural sucker for dragons and stories about humans bonding with dragons, so when I saw this book I sucked it right up! And once I started it, I couldn’t stop reading until I got to the end…I was riveted! The writing is great and I loved the characters, especially Trinity. She seemed very realistic and easy to relate to. I also loved her dragon, Emmy.

Did I mention how much I love dragons? 😀

There is a bit of romance in this, but honestly not that much. The story basically focused on Trinity’s journey and her growing bond with her dragon.

If you love dragons and books about dragons, you will surely love this tale!


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