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Review: Hemlock Grove

on October 20, 2013

Title: Hemlock Grove

Author: Brian McGreevy

Rating: fivestars


“The flesh is as sacred as it is profane.”

“I cannot tell how it mounts on the winds through the clouds and flies through heaven. Today I have seen the dragon.”

This book is not not NOT for the faint of heart.

Now that that warning is out of the way, may I feel free to start gushing about this book?


It’s amazing. Most certainly one of the best, if not the best werewolf book I have read in a very long time. I actually haven’t picked up any were books recently because I was getting a little tired of the same thing all the time, but this book completely blew the doors off of all my expectations. It was absolutely fabulous.

The writing style and storyline is very raw, very gritty, and very very intriguing. The language and tone seem to contain such a flair of magic and mystery, yet seem really down to earth at the same time.

The most interesting aspect of this book however is the fact that, in my opinion, most if not all of the characters are extremely unlikable. They are all undeniably fucked up, and the amount of sexual deviancy and drug use in this book is just astounding. However you still LOVE these characters to death (espescially Olivia Godfrey, who I have adopted as my spirit animal :P) which I found very confusing. So many times during the course of this book I found myself so drawn up in the story and was utterly surprised to find this occurring. That’s what this book does, it takes you by surprise and makes you love despicable yet fascinating characters.

It was amazing and I think I may be reading it again soon!


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