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Review: Coruscant Nights: Jedi Twilight

on October 25, 2013

Review: Coruscant Nights: Jedi Twilight

Author: Michael Reaves

Rating: fourstars


“I’m a Jedi. I’m sworn to help those in need, to uphold the Jedi Code. The Empire has decimated my Order-but they havn’t won, and they won’t win, as long as at least one Jedi remains.”

“Even the humblest of beings contains within himself a universe of infinite diversity and wonder. Therefore, when you give aid and comfort to just one being, you are, for that moment, the deity of an entire cosmos.”

This book was an action packed journey into Coruscant in the days following the destruction of the Jedi Order and the establishment of the Empire. It begins with following the paths of different various characters, whose similar paths end up crossing and eventually coming together.

This book was really enjoyable for so many different reasons. There were lots of characters which returned from other Star Wars books, my favorite being Nick Rostu who appeared in the Clone Wars novel, Shatterpoint, as well as the introduction of many new characters to love.

My favorite? The droid I-Five. He is a sentient droid who is so courageous and so loyal and so damn snarky that you just can’t help but fall in love with him! He’s so great. Seriously, its worth reading this book just for him. 🙂 ❤

I also love love LOVED that this book took place on Coruscant. Maybe its just me, but I have always wanted to live there. Granted, most of the book's events take place in the slums, but even so it is just a fascinating place to read and learn about, and the level of description is just incredible. Also despite the dramatic and serious events that take place, there is a level of laughter and fun that occurs also, which is a nice refresher.

I would highly recommend this book to any Star Wars fan!


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