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Review: The Shadow Lamp

on November 3, 2013

Title: The Shadow Lamp

Author: Stephen Lawhead

Rating: fivestars


“Our very bodies are made of the elements forged in stars that were born and lived and died in far distant galaxies billions of years ago. We are, literally, stardust.”

“Truly, there was no chance, no coincidence. From the lowliest atom in a grain of sand at the bottom of the deepest sea to the most far-flung galaxy, the universe, the entire created cosmos, was a seamless, unified, and interwoven whole.”

First of all I want to just say how grateful I am for the five page summary at the start of this novel of what happened in the previous books. Not that I forgot everything but having a nice recap for a series that you last read a little over a year ago is always a good thing. Sometimes I read so many books each year that when the next one in a series comes out I have that moment of confusion as I try to quickly recollect what came before. I think we probably all have that problem from time to time, eh my book friends? 🙂

In this, the fourth installment of the Bright Empires series, our heroes have all found one another again (Kil, Mina, Cass, Giles, Haven, and Gianni) and work towards once again finding the Spirit Well. Meanwhile Buerleigh continues to try and thwart them. Friendships and loyalties and courage will be tested in this book. The fate of all the universes may count on it.

In any case, I have always loved Stephen Lawhead. His writing captures a perfect blend of fantastic and fiction and he weaves it together so seamlessly that it just never fails to blow me away every time. Also even though it is obviously a novel and not a true story, the author includes so much historical and mythological accuracy that you can’t help but fall in love with the book and with his writing style. Every place that the characters journey to are just crafted so beautifully and descriptively. And This is a story about ley lines and physics and time travel. But it is also about friendship and family. About finding one’s own place and purpose in the universe.

This is a wonderful fantasy series and I would recommend it whole heartedly to anyone who enjoys stories about time travel.


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