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Review: Faerieground: Wish

on November 4, 2013

Title: Faerieground: Wish

Author: Beth Bracken & Kay Fraser

Rating: fourstars


Once upon a time two girls grew up together and were best friends. Lucy was the light one; popular, beautiful, always wanting to be around other people. Soli was the dark one; shy, also beautiful, but content to stay in the shadows. They did everything together and were as close as close could be until the day that Lucy stole the boy that Soli liked. Soli makes an rash wish and causes Lucy to vanish…into the Faery realm that lies near the border of the human world. Now Soli must learn what kind of person she really is as she treks through danger and mysterious discoveries to rescure her friend.

This book was a light fun read. The chapters went back and forth between Lucy and Soli which was nice because we got to see the story from both points of view. The book was a quick read, because the chapters were short and the book was peppered with gorgeous illustrations of the two girls and also the Faery realm. This is where the book nailed it for me, I love the way the Fey are portrayed. This seems like a overglossed children’s story but looks can be deceiving. The fey in this book are realistic; they are sharp like glass and dark like a velvet night. They can help you, but they can also harm you. I really got caught up in the story and was eager to see what happened next!

This was a perfect book to read outside in the woods (or by a lake, like I did) on a bright, crisp Autumn day!


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