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Review: River’s End

on December 11, 2013

Title: River’s End

Author: Nora Roberts

Rating: fivestars


And she floated, drifted, glided. She imagined herself a single white feather, weightless, spinning slowly, endlessly, through the soft green light of the forest. her heart swelled and its beat quieted to a thick, dull thud. The muscles in her stomach loosened and dipped. As she skimmed her fingers into his hair, tipped her head back in surrender, she could have wept from the discovery.
This, she thought, is life. Is beginnings. Is everything.

When Olivia was only four years old her movie star mother was brutally murdered by her father and she has lived under that shadow for her whole life. Growing up with her grandparents, secluded in the forests of Washington, has taught Olivia the importance and sanctity of nature and that people cannot be trusted. But when the son of the police officer assigned to her parents case comes back into her life, seeking her help for a book he is writing, she discovers that she has much more strength than she realized. And she’s ready to face the demons from her past. And to experience a love that she never knew she could feel.

This story was so compelling and thrilling! I almost forgot about the romance that was blossoming between Olivia and Noah because I was so caught up the mystery and intrigue of the story with her parents. This book was so amazingly well written and the characters very likable, especially Olivia. I loved watching her transform from a scared young woman to a woman with confidence in herself


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