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Review: Star Wars: Razor’s Edge

on March 7, 2014

Title: Star Wars: Razor’s Edge

Author: Martha Wells

Rating: fivestars


Unlike living, breathing people, figureheads were made of stone and incapable of mistakes; Leia wasn’t certain how long she could bear that weight. Failure at some point seemed inevitable, and she hated to fail.

Leia asked, “Is that why you stick around? The thrill of destroying stuff with me?”
Han’s sideways glance at her was hard to read. “One of the reasons.”


Razor’s Edge is the first book in a new series set in between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes back and focuses particularly on Leia and how she handles being a key part of the rebellion. When they come across an Alderaan ship that has resorted to pirating since the destruction of the planet, Leia feels obligated to convince them to not only give up their newfound ways but to also join the rebellion. But there’s one slight problem with that…they blame the rebellion for the destruction of Alderaan and if there’s one thing they hate more than the Empire its the rebellion. Leia must use every bit of her compassion and wits if she wants to change their minds…especially once she learns that they have entangled themselves in the schemes of a very nefarious pirate who specializes in brutal tactics and slave trade, and is looking to incorporate them all in her next paycheck.

This book was absolutely fantastic! Everything I could long for in a Star Wars book; adventure, humor, danger, a hint of romance, and so so so much more. The best thing that I found within this book was the character development, particularly between Leia and Han. I won’t lie, the snarky and sarcastic relationship between these two is one of my favorite aspects of the original Star Wars trilogy. This story takes place in the very beginning stages of their relationship, which is very clear here. There are a lot of sweet, awkward moments between them, and you can tell they both have feelings for each other, but haven’t yet come to grips with it.

Leia sounded furious, but he knew that very little of it was actually aimed at him. She had been genuinely furious at him so many times it was easy to tell when he was the cause and when she was just furious in general.

And Leia is just amazing in this book. Truly amazing. You have to wonder how hard it is to not only be a figurehead for the rebellion but also a vital part of its operation. The author did a fantastic job not only showing how strong and independent she is, but also that she is human and experiences the same vulnerabilities and self confidences that we all experience. It made me grow to love her even more as a prominent figure in the rebellion and also just as a woman.

I recommend this book to any fan of the Star Wars series, particularly if you have a soft spot for Princess Leia.


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