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Review: Three Fates

on March 7, 2014

Title: Three Fates

Author: Nora Roberts

Rating: fivestars


“I spin the thread, but you make it what you will.
I mark the length, but you use the time.
I cut the thread, for nothing should last forever.
Don’t waste what you’re given…”

“We can’t escape fate, but we can do a great deal to carve our own mark in it, to turn it to our advantage, or disadvantage.”

In this mythological romance by Nora Roberts we follow the journey of three small priceless statues as they haphazardly pass through history and certain families lives and shows us that everything is connected, and more importantly, everything happens for a reason. The story begins on the tragic journey of the Lusitania, where a young thief steals one of the statues from a wealthy businessman right before the ship sinks, setting off a chain reaction much like ripples in a pond, that resound throughout future generations.

Usually in the majority of Nora Robert’s books that I have read there is only one romance that takes place within the span of the story. In this one however, there were three! What a great change of pace! I loved getting to know each of the characters and watch them fall in love. And their plans to get all three statues was nothing short of genius! Watching that unfold and seeing justice being done was so awesome and there were a few moments that made me want to stand up and cheer! Everything is connected and the things you do, good or bad, always come back to you no matter what. This is a philosophy that I have always followed and it was really cool to see it being played out in one of my favorite authors books.

“That’s the wonder of living, isn’t it? Never knowing when something or someone’s going to turn you down a different road.”


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