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Review: The Runes of the Earth

on March 10, 2014

Title: The Runes of the Earth

Author: Stephen Donaldson

Rating: fourstars


“No one makes you what you are. You have to choose.”

“Good cannot be accomplished by evil means.”

It has been ten years since Linden Avery was last in the Land. Ten years since her beloved Thomas Covenant died defending the Land from Lord Foul. Linden has picked up the pieces of her heart and carried on with her life, content with her job as a doctor at a mental hospital and with her adopted son, Jeremiah. But the Land is not quite done with Linden. And when unspeakable evil reaches out its hand and tries to take what she loves, she must find the strength in herself to go back and set things right.

This is the first book in the Thomas Covenant series that doesn’t actually feature Covenant at all. Linden takes center stage as she is transported back to the Land in search for her son. Danger and various perils assault her, as well as the burden of Covenant’s white gold ring and the quest to find the Staff of Law. I liked this book quite a lot, especially when compared to the previous books in the series. This is definitely one fantasy series which seems to get better and better as the story progresses. Linden has come such a long way in terms of her growth as a character, and love her or hate her, you still have to admire her strength of character and everything she has to go through. The beginning hundred pages and the last hundred pages were filled with action and intense emotion, but there were some places in the middle of the book which seemed to drag on and on, unfortunately. The book could have honestly been edited down another 50-100 pages and not lost anything really important. But other than that I don’t have any complaints and thought this book was very enjoyable!

My heart has rooms that sigh with dust
And ashes in the hearth.
They must be cleaned and blown away
By daylights breath.


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