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Review: Tonight and Always

on March 10, 2014

Title: Tonight and Always

Author: Nora Roberts

Rating: fivestars


“It’s always interesting to watch a strong person lose control. You’re a very strong woman, and very soft. It’s an arousing combination.”

She felt no regrets. She loved. She knew only that she had found the man she had waited for her whole life. Tomorrows could be dealt with as they came. Tonight she had everything she wanted.

Jordan Taylor is a renowned author who needs help with his latest novel. Hiring anthropologist Kasey to help him on the background of Native American tribes seemed like the perfect solution. Until she became more than just a woman helping him with his book. She worked her way into his life and his heart with sunshine and laughter until there was room for nothing else save their growing love and passion.

Loved this! It is one of her older books, and shorter than most of the others by her that I have read, but that did not detract from my enjoyment of this at all. I loved the character development, and I especially loved Kasey. She was just so full of life and burned so brightly, almost like a star, that you couldn’t help but see why Jordan fell for her so hard. The scenes between them were engrossing and so very steamy!

A very enjoyable read if you enjoy sexy romance stories!


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