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Review: Bird Box

on November 14, 2016

Title: Bird Box

Author: Josh Malerman

Rating: fivestars

 photo Bird_Box_2014_book_cover_zps3exybbi2.jpg

Something is causing people all around the world to commit atrocious acts of violence against themselves and others. No one knows what it is. No one knows where it came from. No one knows how to stop it. All anyone knows is that one glimpse of…whatever it is…will make you go insane. So don’t look out your window. Don’t go outside. And most of all…don’t look.

This was one helluva scary book! I didn’t know what to expect when I picked it up, but what I got was a heart-pounding, nose-against-the-page, thriller! Parts of it were a bit confusing, because the story kept going back and forth from the past to the present, but that really just added to the suspense and didn’t detract from it at all. Everything about this book was enjoyable and scary!


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